Sunday, January 20, 2008


If ya gotta have another birthday, you might as well enjoy it. And what better way than to take a cruise, and "snuba" in Belize! Snuba is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. Like scuba, you wear a regulator and breath underwater. But like snorkeling, you don't have to be certified in scuba. You are attached to a 20' hose, and your air tanks float above you. For me, who has done a bit of scuba, it was a bit confining, but for someone who has never been underwater, it is an exciting way to get a feel for scuba.
And Belize has been a magical place for me, and it was wonderful to be again sitting under a thatched roof, listening to Third World reggae, my feet in the warm, white sand, and a cold Belikin beer in my hand. Although the reef is not what is was when I first visited 20 years ago, of course, it was still a wonderful place to visit.
Now I am watching the Packers play in the playoffs on the frozen Lambeau Field. It looks waaaaay too cold even for this former Minnesotan. I bet those players would sure like to be on some Caribbean beach right now........I would!!!!!!!