Monday, November 26, 2007


My daughter, Jen, and her husband of 4 months, Niels, visited over the long Thanksgiving Day weekend. They crammed in the maxium for the 4 days....Thanksgiving dinner at the clubhouse, sunning and swimming in the pool, a hike up to form their names with rocks by the other family members and visiting friends, a day trip to Yarnell, Jerome, Sedona and the Grand Canyon, lots of Gin 13 games, good food, Mass on Sunday and watching the Vikings game at the Mine Shaft afterwards, and the usual tour of Wickenburg. They are now safely home and resting up from their vacation! Mom finally got to meet Niels, and we took them to the shuttle this morning then Mom went for surgery for her eye cataract. The kids are now safely home, and Mom did well with the surgery and is sleeping on my couch as I type. I will take her back to her doctor tomorrow for her follow up visit. I am noticing Christmas decorations going up around the park, and the cactus down the middle of the road are all wrapped in lights. As I drove in after coming from the ranch from feeding Bart, I saw this sunset behind the clubhouse, and the lit icicles glowing from the eves. So my prayers for safe travel and surgery were answered, and another beautiful day ends.

Friday, November 9, 2007


My sister, Lori, has about ended her 10 day visit. It was packed with eating, watching Packers at the sports bar, swimming in the pool, playing Gin 13 and Scrabble (think she still owes my big time at Gin 13, but the kid sister now beats me in Scrabble!), eating, drinking, going to the Rancher Bar for swing dance lessons, drinking, eating, more pool and cards, helping feed Bart, church, eating out at Anitas and Twin Wheels, toes done in Surprise, drinks under the starry skies by the bonfire, cigarette walks with Wylee, and did I mention eating.....chocolate, walleye, scallops, partridge and wild rice, homemade soup.....and she thought I couldn't cook!!!!!! Was fun having her here, and there will be a big empty hole here tomorrow when she leaves. Have a safe trip home, baby sister, and make a snow angel for me!!!!!

Monday, November 5, 2007


It has been a whirlwind past few weeks of packing up, driving to Arizona with horse trailer, horse, dog and boyfriend, then unpacking, connecting utilites, picking up sister from airport, taking boyfriend to airport, and going to the Halloween party at the clubhouse.....where Mom tied for third place in her witch outfit! It is in the 80's and sunny, and we have enjoyed using the pool and Jacuzzi, and today will finally get out and work Bart a bit. Wylee seems to know just where he is, and using his old bathroom spots outside, and trots right over to Mom's house when we go for walks.

Have everything pretty well together....except the den, where I swear papers reproduce themselves at night! Always something to do, and the days go by quickly. At least this year I am not into painting and fixing up the place...although would like to recarpet bedroom and always wanting to GET ORGANIZED!!!! So let the winter begin!