Friday, March 30, 2007


Have you ever seen a fairly small box with a picture on the side of a cute piece of furniture.....on sale....and decided to purchase it, spend a few hours putting it together, then enjoying it for years? Well I did. The sales person said it would just take "about 2 hours" to assemble it to look just like the one on display at the store. I bought a glider tete a tete....two gliders joined by a table that I thought would be perfect in front of my new fire grill in the backyard. It sat on my carport for a week while I had company and the weather decided to offer rain. Now we are back in our normal sunny 75 degree weather,I am between winter visitor company, so I decided to spend a few hours and assemble my pretty glider set.

Opening the box presented me with hundreds of screws, bolts and odd pieces of various sizes along with numerous wooden slats and pipes of strange shapes and sizes. A bit daunting.

I assembled the required wrenches and screwdrivers (and thanked my son for his thoughtful gift of a power screwdriver and tool kit), and got out the huge instruction sheet to begin my 2 hour job. At the end of the day I had the two bases assembled, taken apart, and reassembled properly. The next day I got one of the chairs assembled, taken apart, and reassembled properly. Now I will tackle the second chair (now that I know that the shorter pipe is for the glider and the longer one is for the chair), and hopefully will finsh my 2 hour project today. Then I can relax in front of a nice fire in my grill with a nice glass of wine......or use the @#^*+ glider as fire starter!!!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


For only the third of fourth day all winter, we have had RAIN...1.5 inches worth, and since we only get 7 inches a year, that is a lot! But I should was reminded of how solar-powered I am....just no energy the past few day. All I wanted to do was snack and watch TV. I did almost finish the book I started on the plane on the way to Ohio last month...but with no riding or swimming and with all the munching, I probably gained 5 #! The sun is supposed to return this afternoon and tomorrow is predicted to be glorious. TRAIL RIDE!!!!!
I am beginning to get the snowbird fever...when one starts flying home, the others nervously start flapping and honking about heading north, too. I am starting to plan on getting Bart's spring immunizations done and health certificate, shoes re-set (both are done much cheaper down here), and need to think about cleaning up the horse trailer living quarters, shed, address changes, and all that other fun stuff that goes with leaving home for 6 months. Sign. Guess I will have another cup of coffee, and curl up on the couch with a quilt and finish that book.......

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jen's engagement pictures

Since Niels father is a photographer, her pictures of her big engagement day in Paris are stunning! Check them out!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I just got off the phone from a long distance call from Holland from my daughter, Jen. Her boyfriend, Niels, from Holland proposed to her in a flower garden under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.....and of course, she said "YES" to this wonderful guy. I met him last month in Ohio, and he wanted to wait until she met his folks and he met her Dad before he actually proposed. She sounded very happy, and my prayers for her to find that special man she has sought have been answered. They will be married in Ohio in July, and will live in the beautiful home he bought last month in Ohio. They are so far away, and I am so grateful for phones, emails and Skype which allow me to talk with them to hear the happy news, and also to talk to his parents, who will be here for the wedding. I am so, so happy for both of them!!! Congratulations to the future Niels and Jen de Jong!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


When I first arrived in Arizona as a newly retired, newly post-home sale and moving sale, and a new Arizonan, I thought I had a long leisurely winter ahead. I thought my day would consist of a visit out to see my horse and some riding, returning for a swim in the pool and jacuzzi, perhaps a little nap, and a relaxing afternoon. Now, with 5 weeks left in Arizona before returning to Minnesota, I have found that the winter flew by. I had visitors in December for a week, met friends in Laughlin for a week over New Years Eve, spent a week in Florida with a friend for my 60th birthday in January, went to visit my daughter in Ohio in February to learn of her wedding plans, had another friend here for two weeks this month and who left yesterday.....3 hours before my sister and husband arrived from New Mexico. My next guests will be here the first week of April, then another friend will fly in on April 23, and drive back with me on the 27th.....and my first winter in Arizona will be over! I have been to Sedona twice, Laughlin twice, Rocky Point, Mexico and to Camp Verde a couple of times. Having company has been fun....going to see places I might have put off otherwise, and certainly never a dull moment! I have not done as much trail riding as I expected, and did not get in on any team sorting at all. My camper/horse trailer has only been hitched up twice, and I have only camped in it once. And to think I was going to get a part time job down here! I have met many wonderful new friends, enjoyed visiting with visiting old friends, and done lots of sightseeing and shopping with them. Five more weeks to go....and I am already receiving emails from my Minnesota horse friends who are setting up reservations for summer trailrides and camping trips. With a nephew's high school graduation party, my daughter's wedding, and riding, camping, time visiting a resort up north, and time with my grandson, I am sure the summer will fly by just as quickly, and all too soon I will be making plans again to return to sunny Arizona. I have heard that the first summer of retirement and warm southern living brings the most visitor. That has certainly proven true for me! Thanks to all who came down and made my first winter so fun!!!!