Thursday, March 15, 2007


When I first arrived in Arizona as a newly retired, newly post-home sale and moving sale, and a new Arizonan, I thought I had a long leisurely winter ahead. I thought my day would consist of a visit out to see my horse and some riding, returning for a swim in the pool and jacuzzi, perhaps a little nap, and a relaxing afternoon. Now, with 5 weeks left in Arizona before returning to Minnesota, I have found that the winter flew by. I had visitors in December for a week, met friends in Laughlin for a week over New Years Eve, spent a week in Florida with a friend for my 60th birthday in January, went to visit my daughter in Ohio in February to learn of her wedding plans, had another friend here for two weeks this month and who left yesterday.....3 hours before my sister and husband arrived from New Mexico. My next guests will be here the first week of April, then another friend will fly in on April 23, and drive back with me on the 27th.....and my first winter in Arizona will be over! I have been to Sedona twice, Laughlin twice, Rocky Point, Mexico and to Camp Verde a couple of times. Having company has been fun....going to see places I might have put off otherwise, and certainly never a dull moment! I have not done as much trail riding as I expected, and did not get in on any team sorting at all. My camper/horse trailer has only been hitched up twice, and I have only camped in it once. And to think I was going to get a part time job down here! I have met many wonderful new friends, enjoyed visiting with visiting old friends, and done lots of sightseeing and shopping with them. Five more weeks to go....and I am already receiving emails from my Minnesota horse friends who are setting up reservations for summer trailrides and camping trips. With a nephew's high school graduation party, my daughter's wedding, and riding, camping, time visiting a resort up north, and time with my grandson, I am sure the summer will fly by just as quickly, and all too soon I will be making plans again to return to sunny Arizona. I have heard that the first summer of retirement and warm southern living brings the most visitor. That has certainly proven true for me! Thanks to all who came down and made my first winter so fun!!!!


Niels said...

How come you rank your nephew´s graduation before our wedding!?!?

Anonymous said...

Because the graduation is before the wedding, silly Niels!
Chi, you have way too many friends!

Jen said...

Hey Lori,
We figured Nick's graduation was probably first, but we had to give Mom a hard time!