Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Had another fun day with my grandson....lunch at Sonics, seeing the movie "Space Chimps", and out to the ranch to visit Bart......and to top it all off, Paul let him sit on his lap and drive the big BLUE HOLLAND tractor! CJ thinks Paul walks on water and just loves to follow him around at the ranch talking about the machinery.

When it was time to bring the horses in, Heather opened the door and they all ran through the indoor arena to their stalls. CJ was standing by the gate, and Bart left the other horses to walk over to CJ and drop his head to say "Hi". Heather came back to see why Bart wasn't in his stall...and he was still visiting with CJ. Bart ignored Heather when she called him, but then quietly followed CJ to his stall where CJ closed the door triumphantly. As Heather later said, "That horse knows his boy". A sleepy and dusty boy was delivered to his parents by 8 pm, where he told of how he drove the tractor, moved the dirt, and helped with the horse chores. I don't know who enjoyed the day more, me or that fun little boy.