Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I thought I might be bored being retired and was looking for a part time job. But the days are flying by, and I seem to be always busy! I thought I would be doing more trail riding, team sorting, and camping with my horse, but I have been on the run way more than I expected. I had company in December for a week, met friends in Laughlin in January for a week, went to Florida for a week for my birthday in January, had more friends here for a week in February for Gold Rush Days, went to Ohio to meet Jen's beau a week ago, and now having another friend arriving today for two weeks. And another couple are coming the first week of April, and then end of April I will be heading north again! Poor Bart is getting soft and fat in his big paddock eating that rich alfalpha hay. I figured I would ride every morning, then spend some time in the pool in the afternoon, and write in the evenings. I haven't been in the pool for two weeks, haven't ridden in 3 days, and writing seems confined to emails and blogs. When would I have time to work??????? Here are Ampe's after they rode from the ranch to Westpark!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back in Arizona

Am watching the bad weather moving into the Midwest and am so glad I am back here in warm, sunny Arizona! Wylee was estatic to have me home, Bart was more "Ho Hum...where are the carrots?". Jen and Niels seem very happy together, and have made manythoughtful, exciting plans for the future. He closed on the house Thursday, and they are making plans to get moved in, buy appliances, and decorate. They went to Canada this weekend for Jen to meet some of his friends, then go to Holland for her to meet his parents, then on to Paris for the official engagement. What a world traveler she is becoming. It is such a relief and joy to see her happiness!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm in Ohio!

I know....I'm nuts leaving sunny, 80 degree warm Arizona to travel to Ohio in February! But my daughter invited me to meet her future husband, help on the closing of their new home, and give them some decorating being the loving, devoted mother I am, I IS HERE!!! They met me at the airport with hat, gloves and scarf and bundled me up to prepare to walk out of the terminal. It is only 20 here and snowing today.....and I thought I had left this kind of weather behind forever!!!!!
However, they took me to eat at a fabulous old brewery and I had wonderful garlic stuffed steak with grilled asparagus, mushrooms in ale, and white cheddar potatoes. Niels and I had the exact same thing....with a local brew...and coffee...I'm gonna like this guy!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Heather and Sue's last night in Arizona

It has been such a busy week! We went to the Gold Rush Days Activities including parade, dance, BBQ, rodeo, arts and craft shows, and saw a performance done by the Sons of the Pioneers. We ate, shopped, ate, went trail riding, ate,relaxed in the pool and jacuzzi, visited with Ampe's, shopped, ate, celebrated Mom's birthday, with sister Mary and husband Reagan, ate, shopped and Sue got her hair cut and a new style...and did I mention we ate! We are all pooped from our non-stop days! I will take them to meet their shuttle at 6 am tomorrow, get a haircut at 2:30, Bart gets new shoes at 4, and then I will get ready for a trail ride in Congress with the Los Damas group on Thursday, then pack for my trip to Ohio on Friday to meet my future son-in-law, Niels. WHEW!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Heather and Sue have arrived!!!

They were so please to step into the 80 degree Arizona sunshine after leaving Minnesota this morning at -10. We went out to see Bart, and Ampe's were just coming in from a ride, so there was a Minnesota reunion. Their sweaty horses got hosed down while I put Bart in the big arena to race around, then he got a bath, too! We had lunch at the Cowboy Cafe, swam and enjoyed the jacuzzi , had Happy Hour on my porch with Mom and Ampe's (used up the Super Bowl leftovers!), then had dinner at the Mine Shaft. After watching "Grey's Anatomy" (what an ending!), they were pretty sleepy after getting up at 3am, so it was an early bedtime. We have had our breakfast and coffee, and now will head downtown Wickenburg for the Arts and Craft show, then the pool, and tonight is the "Sons of the Pioneers" concert. Busy, busy!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

80 Degrees today

I have been receiving less than nice comments from my friends up north where the temps are about 100 degrees cooler than it will be here today. I thought my friends would enjoy my narrations of my tripping around in the 80 degree sunshine, dipping in the pretty pool and jacuzzi, sipping beverages on the deck while tanning, and enjoying a sunny trail ride. Strange....

Monday, February 5, 2007

Sunny Arizona!!!!

Hate to rub it in when friends and family are freezing their assets up in da north country, but my truck read 83 degrees when I left the ranch. I rode in the arena, then gave Bart a shampoo. I walked him for awhile, but of course, he wasn't fully dry when I put him back in the paddock, so here he is covered with sand. It IS gloating season down here in Arizona, so just had to send a little sunshine your way to all my freezing friends and family in the tundra!!!!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

Took Mom to church, then had pancake breakfast in the hall afterwards with Ampe's. At 2 we all went to the Community Center to hear some great Bluegrass and Celtic music. Then I invited whoever wanted to come over to watch the superbowl and have munchies. I had BBQ and hot wings, shrimp, veggies, fruit, cake, wine, etc....Had a fun time, although was disappointed that Budweiser didn't have a good ad with the Clydesdales. I lost $20 to Conrad, and $2 in numbers at the house, but I guess I really wanted Dungee to win after his tragic year of losing his son. I thought the highlight was seeing Prince singing in the rain with his dewrag covering his hair! I couldn't believe those gals dancing in those high heels on the wet platform!
So dishes are washing in the dishwasher, lots of leftovers put away, house picked up, and Wylee is already in his bed. Tomorrow will be 75 degrees and I think I will be out on a trail ride!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Glad to be in sunny Arizona!

After seeing temps in the minus 20's in Minnesota, I am soooo glad to be in warm, sunny Arizona where it will be in the upper 60's today, and may hit 80 on Tuesday! Mom and I enjoyed a swim in the warm heated pool this morning, and now I am off to the ranch for a trail ride. I think Bart will be getting a bath on Tuesday.....and he would be covered with his heavy Taca blanket and shivering if he was in Minnesota this week....lucky boy!
Had great news this morning that sister Ann's farm in South Dakota finally closed. It has been a stressful transaction, but now she can relax and enjoy her new home in Roswell, New Mexico. Sister Mary and husband Reagan should be there today, and are going to an auction all day, then Ann and Mary might be riding over with Allie to be here for Mom's birthday on the 11th. And I am looking forward to Heather and Sue arriving on the 9th for Gold Rush Days! This will be a busy month of visitors and travel to Ohio to meet Jen's soon-to-be fiance, Niels!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Taxes done!

Thanks to the ease of Turbotax, I completed my taxes today and sent them off electronically, and will get a direct deposit made in about 2 weeks. So much easier than how it used to be done! Will get a nice federal refund, but not much from state, but at least I'm not having to pay any more in. Next year may be a different picture without the mortgage writeoff..... Now will head to the ranch and maybe go for a short ride. Mary should be at Ann's in Roswell soon!

Tax Time

Now that the rain has stopped and sunshine returned, I can get some energy together to start my taxes. I have been waiting for Turbotax to send me the CD, then finally figured out that I had paid for a download! So download is done and figures entered.....maybe we finish it today so I can get the refund that I have already spent!!!!

Wylee seems ok today....was really hungry last night when he could finally eat after his 24 hour fast. He isn't "talking" to me today and I haven't heard him is more of a low moan. I wonder if he has a sore throat from intubation. He's moving around ok, though, but look at his look he gave me!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Wylee home!

Although a bit tender and stiff, Wylee is relaxing at home. He was certainly happy to see me when I picked him up, but he had gotten lots of TLC from the staff who said "he is the cutest dog I have seen in a long time" although I have received a few dirty looks from the pup, he is on the mend!

my favorite cowboy

This is CJ, my grandson. The hat he is wearing was stolen from me. When I was moving out to go to Arizona, I handed him this western hat to carry out to give him a job. Instead, he plopped it on his head, and there it stayed. The next day his mother said he was up wearing his cowboy boots, underwear and THE HAT. Luckily, it has an elastic insert to adjust the size, so it stays on. On this day, Chris and Kelly took him to team sorting at the Grossers Longview Ranch....and Paul let him rope the practice plastic cow. He used to love to watch the PBR bullriding with me and share popcorn when I would babysit. I miss seeing my favorite cowboy while I am down her in Arizona, but enjoy his calls to ask about Bart.


Not real good at this blogging, yet. Jen gave me directions to get Wylee's picture up. Let's see if I can do it!

Wylee is at the vet!

Wylee is now in the hands of the vet. His manhood finally descended, so there will be no charge for the neutering. Mom is feeling bad for him....says Dad would not have wanted me to do this to him! Now I am feeling guilty that I didn't bring his cow and a dirty sock for him to have in his cage when he wakes up. Bad mommy. I can pick him up at 4 this afternoon. Sure is quiet in the house....I am sitting at the computer without a ball being dropped on my foot, and no one to greet me when I walked in the door. They made a big deal of him when I brought him in....they remembered when he was in a few months ago after eating the mouse poison.
It is a dark day.....everyone is excited about getting almost an inch of rain, but I am ready for the sunshine again. It is supposed to be 74 and sunny next week when Heather and Sue get in. Can't wait to see them!
Here is Wylee's last picture with his manhood!