Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I thought I might be bored being retired and was looking for a part time job. But the days are flying by, and I seem to be always busy! I thought I would be doing more trail riding, team sorting, and camping with my horse, but I have been on the run way more than I expected. I had company in December for a week, met friends in Laughlin in January for a week, went to Florida for a week for my birthday in January, had more friends here for a week in February for Gold Rush Days, went to Ohio to meet Jen's beau a week ago, and now having another friend arriving today for two weeks. And another couple are coming the first week of April, and then end of April I will be heading north again! Poor Bart is getting soft and fat in his big paddock eating that rich alfalpha hay. I figured I would ride every morning, then spend some time in the pool in the afternoon, and write in the evenings. I haven't been in the pool for two weeks, haven't ridden in 3 days, and writing seems confined to emails and blogs. When would I have time to work??????? Here are Ampe's after they rode from the ranch to Westpark!

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Anonymous said...

You could always come back to Minnesota and shovel snow! Sounds like living in AZ in the winter is like having a lake cabin in MN in the summer! Busy is good, sounds like you're enjoying it. I'll be in the cities next week, it'll be strange to be down there and knowing you don't live there anymore! Lor