Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm in Ohio!

I know....I'm nuts leaving sunny, 80 degree warm Arizona to travel to Ohio in February! But my daughter invited me to meet her future husband, help on the closing of their new home, and give them some decorating being the loving, devoted mother I am, I IS HERE!!! They met me at the airport with hat, gloves and scarf and bundled me up to prepare to walk out of the terminal. It is only 20 here and snowing today.....and I thought I had left this kind of weather behind forever!!!!!
However, they took me to eat at a fabulous old brewery and I had wonderful garlic stuffed steak with grilled asparagus, mushrooms in ale, and white cheddar potatoes. Niels and I had the exact same thing....with a local brew...and coffee...I'm gonna like this guy!

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