Thursday, February 1, 2007

my favorite cowboy

This is CJ, my grandson. The hat he is wearing was stolen from me. When I was moving out to go to Arizona, I handed him this western hat to carry out to give him a job. Instead, he plopped it on his head, and there it stayed. The next day his mother said he was up wearing his cowboy boots, underwear and THE HAT. Luckily, it has an elastic insert to adjust the size, so it stays on. On this day, Chris and Kelly took him to team sorting at the Grossers Longview Ranch....and Paul let him rope the practice plastic cow. He used to love to watch the PBR bullriding with me and share popcorn when I would babysit. I miss seeing my favorite cowboy while I am down her in Arizona, but enjoy his calls to ask about Bart.

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