Friday, February 9, 2007

Heather and Sue have arrived!!!

They were so please to step into the 80 degree Arizona sunshine after leaving Minnesota this morning at -10. We went out to see Bart, and Ampe's were just coming in from a ride, so there was a Minnesota reunion. Their sweaty horses got hosed down while I put Bart in the big arena to race around, then he got a bath, too! We had lunch at the Cowboy Cafe, swam and enjoyed the jacuzzi , had Happy Hour on my porch with Mom and Ampe's (used up the Super Bowl leftovers!), then had dinner at the Mine Shaft. After watching "Grey's Anatomy" (what an ending!), they were pretty sleepy after getting up at 3am, so it was an early bedtime. We have had our breakfast and coffee, and now will head downtown Wickenburg for the Arts and Craft show, then the pool, and tonight is the "Sons of the Pioneers" concert. Busy, busy!

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