Saturday, February 3, 2007

Glad to be in sunny Arizona!

After seeing temps in the minus 20's in Minnesota, I am soooo glad to be in warm, sunny Arizona where it will be in the upper 60's today, and may hit 80 on Tuesday! Mom and I enjoyed a swim in the warm heated pool this morning, and now I am off to the ranch for a trail ride. I think Bart will be getting a bath on Tuesday.....and he would be covered with his heavy Taca blanket and shivering if he was in Minnesota this week....lucky boy!
Had great news this morning that sister Ann's farm in South Dakota finally closed. It has been a stressful transaction, but now she can relax and enjoy her new home in Roswell, New Mexico. Sister Mary and husband Reagan should be there today, and are going to an auction all day, then Ann and Mary might be riding over with Allie to be here for Mom's birthday on the 11th. And I am looking forward to Heather and Sue arriving on the 9th for Gold Rush Days! This will be a busy month of visitors and travel to Ohio to meet Jen's soon-to-be fiance, Niels!


Jen said...

Good job with the labels! I KNEW you'd take to this blogging thing quickly.

btw...Niels is looking forward to meeting you, too! We've had a very productive week!

Anonymous said...

Okay, it's been two days since you updated this thing, would you hurry up and add something new?
How about the news Brett Farve is coming back next year??? YES!!!!
Hope you had a fun Super Bowl party, wish I could have been there, but then I would have missed out on this nice Minnesota air conditioning! -17 as I write this! Lor