Friday, March 30, 2007


Have you ever seen a fairly small box with a picture on the side of a cute piece of furniture.....on sale....and decided to purchase it, spend a few hours putting it together, then enjoying it for years? Well I did. The sales person said it would just take "about 2 hours" to assemble it to look just like the one on display at the store. I bought a glider tete a tete....two gliders joined by a table that I thought would be perfect in front of my new fire grill in the backyard. It sat on my carport for a week while I had company and the weather decided to offer rain. Now we are back in our normal sunny 75 degree weather,I am between winter visitor company, so I decided to spend a few hours and assemble my pretty glider set.

Opening the box presented me with hundreds of screws, bolts and odd pieces of various sizes along with numerous wooden slats and pipes of strange shapes and sizes. A bit daunting.

I assembled the required wrenches and screwdrivers (and thanked my son for his thoughtful gift of a power screwdriver and tool kit), and got out the huge instruction sheet to begin my 2 hour job. At the end of the day I had the two bases assembled, taken apart, and reassembled properly. The next day I got one of the chairs assembled, taken apart, and reassembled properly. Now I will tackle the second chair (now that I know that the shorter pipe is for the glider and the longer one is for the chair), and hopefully will finsh my 2 hour project today. Then I can relax in front of a nice fire in my grill with a nice glass of wine......or use the @#^*+ glider as fire starter!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are such a capable seester! You'll enjoy your glider so much more after assembling it yourself. Hint: Don't tighten the screws until all are in place. That way you'll have some wiggle room when putting it together. Just don't forget to tighten them all down when your done, or you'll be gliding to the ground! Good Luck!!! (Great picture, skinny seester!!)