Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wylee's Big Day

Tomorrow Wylee thinks he is being tutored.....close, but actually he will be neutered. I know some will be disappointed, as they want one of his puppies, but Wickenburg is offering it free this month, and I guess it is the responsible thing to do. I have to have him in by 8 tomorrow morning. So he got a bath tonight, and no food since 7 PM. Pray all goes well!

It started raining again.....with the temps in the 70's next week, the desert will be greening up. Glad I left a rain sheet on Bart....I don't know if he uses his shelter during rain. Poor Ampe's are sitting in their trailer listening to the rain with no phone, computer and only two TV channels that come in. Guess they are getting a lot of reading done! Jon said they had a good time in Sedona...actually stayed an extra night and stayed at Flagstaff last night, so got to see all the snow.

Kelly called today so CJ could thank me for the card I sent him. She said it is really going to be cold there this weekend. Stay warm everyone.....or come on down for the 70 sunny degrees we will have this weekend!!!!!!

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