Friday, April 6, 2007


My Minnesota guests just left, and I miss them already. They were fun to have, and we enjoyed shopping, sightseeing, the pool, eating out, steak dinner on the grill, and seeing "Wild Hogs" last night. This morning we walked around the neighborhood admiring the blooming cactus before they left. They head back to Minnesota with snow and 5 degrees......BRRRRRR! I have less than 3 weeks left to enjoy my Arizona home before following them to the north county. But I will be looking forward to joining them camping and trailriding again this summer. Here are some of the blooms....look how many more came out on the Easter cactus today!


Anonymous said...

Wuzzat thing growing in your yard?

Anonymous said...

cheese and rice can't you think of anything to add to this blog? Come one it's been over a week. You're on the computer all the time. What the heck are you doing? Change the blog! I'm catching more fish than you are! Pete's sake, get out there and take some pictures and do something interesting! I'm tired of looking at that big aspargus in your yard. sheesh, groan, whine, moan. get a life, man. cripes. old lady. you!