Monday, August 13, 2007


Over the weekend I attended a 4-class reunion in my hometown. Ours was the class of 1965, a group who were celebrating their 60th birthdays. It was strange to see some looking as slim and youthful as they did on graduation day 42 years ago. Others were looking quite different with weight and hair changes.....and how could people just MY age have those wrinkles!!!! It was such a fun occasion, and everyone seemed genuinely happy for each others accomplishments, and for a tiny northern Minnesota town, the number of professionals and successful business people was impressive. Some were now widowed or divorced, and one was even on his 6th marriage! One emotional moment was when balloons labeled with the names of classmates who have passed on were released. As this baby boomer group close in on retirement and social security, our mortality loomed as we sadly missed some of our friends who have died in accidents, war and illness. It was so wonderful to again see those people who made my school years days of such happy memories. We all agreed that we hoped to have another reunion to celebrate our 45th in 3 years....when some of us might be collecting our first social security checks. It is hard to belive all these years have already passed, and sobering to have to accept that there will be more balloons released at the next reunion. That class of 1965 was the best!

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David said...

The reunion was great - the class of 1965 was great-