Sunday, October 7, 2007


I just returned from a weekend horseback riding and camping at Maplewood Park.Unfortunately, we were about a week too late for the peaking of the leaf colors, but the drought and recent wind and rain hastened their fall. But the weather was warm and sunny, and the trees still had color, and the golden aspen and red maples reflected off the many lakes we rode around. We had a group of 16 people with 8 living quarter rigs, and enjoyed poking fun, telling jokes, past riding memories and catching up around the campfires. Paul had his big pan out for our cowboy breakfasts that everyone brought varied ingredients to make it unique. We ate well, laughed much, and enjoyed the companionship of friends and horses that makes trail riding on horseback such a treat. After a summer of rides, the horses no longer spooked at strange logs or rocks as they did when fresh in the spring. We saw many deer flash their white flag tails, and the horses looked with interest, but no fear (well, except for Sue's Spinner when a large doe stood right in front of him on the trail to look over the approaching line of horses).

Today was 80 degrees and humid, but the cooler weather is predicted. And Mother Nature had a last chuckle with us, as she gave us a sunny 70 degree start for our long weekend, then threw in a thunderstorm overnight, a chilly morning that made the long underwear feel good, another nice day to ride, then a foggy morning, burning away to a sunny, hot afternoon, then another rain at night and drizzly rain on the last day. A little of everything with temps from 40 to 80 and sunny to rain. Ah, autumn!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if your horse trails are snowmobile trails in the winter when you're snug and warm in AZ! We have shelters like that one in your picture along the sled trails. Only weeks to go before you make the happy trail south, eh? Lucky girl! Enjoy the last days of bug free fall days, and bring some leaves back for mom!
love ya,