Sunday, June 15, 2008


I have now been back in Minnesota for a week. I have heard horror stories all winter of the terrible winter and cold, wet spring they have endured. But this weekend was my first camping trip and trailride, and the weather was a sunny, breezy, 74 degrees, so maybe I have brought the sunshine up with me.
I had dreaded the long drive up pulling a horse trailer and paying for the inflated gas, but we make it in three days, and were able to get up in a short interval between floods and tornados in the midwest. My friend, Ginger, flew down and spent a few days soaking up some sun, sightseeing, and then helped me pack up and drive north. As she also has a living quarter horse trailer, she was great to help with the driving. We drove from 7am to 7 pm and stayed at nice horse facilities in Albuquerque and Kansas City. We paid between $3.74 and $4.86 for gas, and I had a tail wind, so got better mileage then I had figured on, so that was great! Bart trailered well....I was worried about his not wanting to load, but had no problems.
So now I have been back a week, spent some time with my son, daughter-in-law and grandson (including his sleeping over in my camper one night!), caught up with the news with my friends, and left Friday morning for a weekend of camping and trail riding in Red Wing. The trails were slippery from all the recent rains, and blocked several times from trees fallen in the storms, but we were able to navigate around or over them, and all went well.....with the exception of Cindy being thrown from her horse and getting a trip to the ER (thankfully, nothing was broken), and Orrocks horses getting loose and ending up on the freeway, where a helpful motorist helped catch them. home, unloaded, Bart is rolling in the sand of the arena, Wylee is sacked out under my table, and I am cleaning the trailer before loading the car to head north tomorrow. The summer is off to a great start!!!!

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