Tuesday, July 15, 2008


One thing you know for sure in July in Minnesota.....those warm, humid days often end with a storm. Yesterday had a beautiful sunset....but then the storm warnings started flashing across the bottom of the TV screen....and when the beeping announced a tornado 1 mile east of Blackduck, and I was sitting one mile west of Blackduck....well, it made for an interesting evening! Luckily, all we got was a spectacular lightning show but avoided the hail and wind that hit around us. The weather will continue to be erratic the rest of the week.....hot, humid days followed by storms at night. Hope it settled down before the horse camping this weekend!

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Jen said...

Beautiful pictures, Mom! Glad to know you're safe!!!

Hopefully Niels and I will have a new picture for you to post August 4--a money shot of your new granddaughter or grandson!