Sunday, April 19, 2009


My sister, Terri, is expecting her first grandchild next month. I just wrote her on how much more fun being a gramma is rather than the tough parenting. I am looking forward to seeing both my grandson's together this summer when Niels and Jen bring Danny to Minnesota this summer. Lots of photo ops!

Speaking of, here is a picture of my older grandson experiencing the fun of ice fishing with his dad. He is growing up so quickly...and I miss seeing his new discoveries. He sent me a picture of two cowboy saguaros with a note "I miss you, Gramma Chi"...that he made on the computer! And my new grandson is now cooing, smiling and rolling over....and I am missing seeing it all. But thanks to the Internet and Skype, I can see him, even though I can't cuddle him right now.

The snowbirds are packing up and heading north, and the weather is warming up, with 90's predicted this week. In about two months I plan to head north again ...maybe with Bart...maybe with Mom....maybe with both...and am looking forward to cooler weather in the pines, fishing, golfing and seeing friends and family again. I will miss my house and friends here, but I am sure it will be nice to escape the Arizona summer temps for awhile.

But in the meantime, I am enjoying wonderful trail rides on Bart with Betts in the hills, seeing all the cactus putting out their colorful spring blooms, and relaxing in the warm pool and Jacuzzi. This week I will be cleaning up my trailer to get ready for the 5 day Las Damas ride in Prescott next week. Will be nice to ride in the pines again, and to be out camping. I will raise a glass of wine at the campfire for those wonderful horse-camping friends in Minnesota, and am looking forward to joining them in a few months.

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