Sunday, July 19, 2009


This is the first summer that I have spent the majority of the hot months down in Arizona instead of hauling Bart to Minnesota. Some adjustments needed to be made. Today I put up a sunshade on Bart's pen and hung a mister over his shelter. In Minnesota he would be in a big grassy pasture with many other horses. In Arizona he stays in a 20x20 pen with a shade shelter, as most of the pastures that aren't irrigated are all dried up, anyway. In Minnesota he has to endure a cold bath or hosing off. In Arizona the water gets hot in the hose, so has to be run for a minute to cool it down to bath water temperature.....and he LOVES being hosed off...even his face! In Minnesota he ate pasture grass all day, plus had a generous portion of grain mix twice a day. Here he was getting alfalfa fed twice a, leafy green stuff. That seemed to be a bit "hot" for this temp, so changed him to grass hay in the morning and alfalfa at night....and just a cup of senior mix with some wheat bran. In Minnesota I would be taking him camping with friends on weekends and for afternoon rides in the park. Here I go out at 6am for a 2 hour ride before it heats up, and would need to trailer up to Prescott or Flagstaff for some cool camping and riding....maybe next month? In Minnesota I would be spraying him to keep off the flies and mosquitoes, and checking him for woodticks. In Arizona I spray him for flies and watch for snakes when I ride! In Arizona I look forward to the end of August, and then to 10 great months of riding in nice weather. In Minnesota I dread the end of August, as frost...and gray...and snow...and ice...and freezing weather isn't far behind! But I do miss my wonderful riding friends in Minnesota....and the rides around the lakes....and the gorgeous fall leaves....and sitting around the campfires on a cool evening.....hopefully next year I can have the best of both worlds again, and head for Minnesota when the weather heats up, and back to Arizona when it cools down up north. My horse and I intend to be SNOWBIRDS!

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