Saturday, February 27, 2010


When I retired and moved to Arizona, I envisioned taking many day trips to explore this beautiful state. It seemed that I would have endless empty days to fill with seeing the beauty and historical towns that fill the state. But the days fly by, and it is easy to get into a routine of walks, swims and trips to the ranch to ride, and the days, weeks and months fly by.
The park has a travel club with many local and international trips. There is usually a conflict which prevents me from going on most of them, but Mom wanted to go on the Verde Canyon railroad trip, so it gave me a good reason to sign up and take a trip!
The railroad cars were built the same year I was born, but had been brightly painted with Arizona scenes, and provided a comfortable ride along the river, red bluffs, and bald eagle sightings. We had a fun group that traveled in two vans up through Prescott and Yarnell, where a snowfall gave pretty views, but then gave way to sunshine as we reached Clarkdale. The train traveled to Perkinsville, where the last scenes of the movie "How the West Was Won" was filmed, then the engine switched to the caboose, and we returned seeing the rock formations from another view. We didn't get back until 8 pm....and someone explain how a person can be tried after just sitting all day! So skipped the dance with Ernie's Band at the clubhouse, and hit the sack early. Always lots to do in this retirement mode!

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