Thursday, May 3, 2007


Had a safe trip back to Minnesota. Found 2 great places for Bart to relax overnight in New Mexico and Kansas, and he is now back at Longview Ranch where he is being called "Hollywood" as he is all sleek and glossy and the other horses still have some winter coat.
I am staying with a girlfriend who has a beautiful home and has made me feel so welcome. She has a lab mix named Hershey, and Wylee is enjoying running around the big park-like yard with his new friend. I keep my horse trailer here, and am only 1.5 miles from Longview, so very convenient.
I have had a chance to spent some time with my grandson, CJ, who has grown but is still funny and was so happy to see Bart and everyone at Longview again. He had to put on his cowboy hat, boots, jeans, plaid shirt, chaps, and vest which Sue and Paul got quite a kick seeing.
The weather has been great, and I have been riding Bart in the indoor and outdoor arenas and he is going wonderfully. I had trail rides to Crow Hassan Park planned for tomorrow and Sunday, but now rain is predicted. Welcome back to Minnesota....gotta grow those mosquitos!

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