Sunday, May 20, 2007


When we left Friday for Wild River State Park, it was a warm, sunny day. We set up camp and went for a nice ride through the pines. Our friends began to arrive with their living quarter horse trailers, and soon the park was bustling with campers unloading horses and setting up camp. After another nice ride in the afternoon, we enjoyed a nice campfire, conversation, adult beverages and dinner cooked outdoors. Saturday we again ventured out to explore the trails, and by the time we got back in for lunch, the sun was hot and we changed into shorts and sandals. Suddenly, a strong wind blew through, and the temps dropped for 85 to 60 and sent us scurrying for jeans and jackets. It was actually too cold and windy to have a campfire, so we all ate inside our campers. We got up to 38 degrees and huddled around the campfire awaiting our strong, hot coffee to stay warm. Ah, Minnesota....if you don't like the weather, just wait an hour!

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