Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Spent a week with my boyfriend in northern Minnesota doing some fishing, golfing, grilling, shopping and even a bit of dancing at the ambulance fund raiser, where we won some Twins tickets, t-shirts, ball caps, gift certificates, and even some great T-bone steaks! To top it off, we landed a beautiful 8# walleye, which we released. I am big into releasing anything over 4 pounds. I don't think they are as good eating and are too flaky at that weight, and also, I like to see those bigger fish return to the lake to produce good eating sized walleyes in the years to come. This ol' gal swam around the dock for about 10 minutes before she swam off to deeper waters. I'm sure she needed some time to de-stress and get her bearings, but I also like to think she was saying "Thank you" for her freedom, too!

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Anonymous said...

oh, you're finally refering to him as your boyfriend now? bout time! Bout time you updated your blog, too. slouch!
I'm thinking of putting the picture of you releasing the walleye on the Duluth TV stations "gone fishing" program (Sunday nights at 10pm)that features photos sent in from fisherpeeples. Wouldn't that be somethink?