Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blackduck Fishing

Have just spent a wonderful week back in Blackduck where have been golfing, fishing, stawberry picking, garage saleing, and enjoying the fresh weather of northern Minnesota. My former roommate and her boyfriend came for the weekend, and we did some marathon fishing from bass casting, to walleye trolling to night bobber fishing. The result was some nice fish and a yummy fishfry....with fresh strawberry and blueberry pie for deluessert!

We found a great bluegill lake where we were catching big bluegills as fast as we would drop the line over the side of the boat. The weather has been warm and sunny, but a big change came today with rain and 40mph winds. I will reluctantly head south and leave the resort, but am looking forward to spending some time with my gorgeous palomino again!

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