Saturday, December 1, 2007


Growing up in Minnesota, and later as a teacher in the public schools, the blizzard warnings were always watched with great anticipation of a storm strong enough to close the schools. Now I live in Arizona where I no longer have snow days......but learned what can happen when rain can come after months of sunshine. The TV weather forecasters were delirious in their bringing the big news of a pending storm. They must get pretty bored with their 2 minutes of "75 degrees and sunny again" reports....this week they had 10 minute segments!

The rain started about noon, and was just a drizzle until about 9, and as I was getting ready for bed at 10, the winds began to howl and rain came down in sheets. It finally quit about noon today, and the sun returned. But those 2 or 3 inches of rain filled washes that were empty just moments before, and I saw first hand the flash floods that I have been warned about. A lot of riders use the washes, but head immediately for higher ground if it starts to rain. I scoffed at the urgency until I saw it happen this morning. There is no just goes from dry wash to surging river in moments.

So Bart was blanketed with a rain sheet up in the open barn stall, and Wylee scowled at going outside to potty in the rain. And I had to turn lights on in the house during the day! But all is well, the excitment is over, and 75 sunny degrees will return for the rest of the week. At least I don't have to shovel today!!!!

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Anonymous said...

hope you're enjoying your 67 degree cold, we're going to have
-40 below windchills here tonight!
Wanna go Christmas shopping in Hibbin'?
Ann doesn't understand why I chose to live here!