Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My mother is incredible! Yesterday she celebrated her 87th birthday, and was busy all day. My sister Mary brought Mexican sombaros down with her from Wisconsin and had a festival party. Sister Lori's boyfriend Tony's parents were on their way to a polka fest in Los Vegas, so they doned the hats, dug their accordions out of their van, and serenaded her with Happy Birthdays as she strolled around Westpark collecting hugs from the residents. She had a pizza and cake party at 2 for her girlfriends, and kept going all day. She takes care of her own house and finances, plays cards at the clubhouse almost every day, swims in the pool for an hour of aquanautics almost every day, and rarely takes a nap. And for all this, she takes an occasional vitamin or asprin.....doesn't even take blood pressure medicine! I think she will outlive all her daughters if she keeps going like this! We are all so fortunate to have this fiesty Irish Mom, and wouldn't trade her for June Cleaver! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!!! We love you!

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happytrails said...

Hi there.
You left a kind comment on my blog quite a while ago now, but I just wanted to say thanks for your vote of confidence. I havent written since returning. Well done to you for managing and finding the time to do that. Happy blogging Briony