Saturday, March 1, 2008


Three signs of spring are showing themselves this week. First, I noticed the flowering plum or apple trees by the hospital were in full bloom, second the poppys are blooming, and third, garage sales are popping up all over! Westpark, Horsepatality, and North Branch all had community-wide sales. I took advantage of this to try to unload clothes that have resided in my closet for too many years, as well as the bedroom set I just replaced, and lots of extra horse tack. I had a steady stream of people through both days, and ended up with enough to pay my expensive Arizona state taxes plus get a patio set I have been eyeing at Home Depot. So my closets are now roomier, my storage shed is accessible, my cupboards are less likely to spill out when I open them, and I have a nice receipt from Habitat for the left overs.

After closing up at 4, I went out to feed my horse and clean up his paddock, then came home to relax in the pool and jacuzzi, fixed dinner, and now have the house and carport organized again, and have a great feeling of satisfaction. So am enjoying a well-earned glass of wine while watching a great movie on TV....about a boy being raised by his eccentric uncles. Ah, the bed will feel good in a few hours!

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