Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, My Aching Back!!!!

My moving "labor pains" are almost over. I am down to the den and storage shed......maybe 4 or 5 more trips. The ol' back is just about shot. When I get the final items moved over here and the house cleaned, the first objective will be to find a good chiropractor. As I say at this point of every move "THIS IS THE LAST TIME I AM MOVING THIS STUFF!!!!

Although I feel like I am one hurting walking dead right now, there have been a few bright moments. I am enjoying taking a break when Mom comes over for morning coffee and we relax on the back patio and enjoy the fresh morning breeze and sunshine. And my neighbors from across the street stopped over to introduce themselves and welcome me to the neighborhood...and when Ken noticed my coat/hat rack propped in the corner, offered to hang it for me. Then returned with drill, leveler and toggle bolts to do the job right. They will be leaving this week for their summer home and the other neighbor across the street left this morning. My only other neighbor on this street left two weeks ago, so Wylee and I will have this corner of our world to ourselves for awhile.

Another real day brightener was when the doorbell rang yesterday afternoon, and there stood my friend, Cindy (who also has a palomino gelding, and has been one of my riding buddies). She stood in the doorway with a big bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, and a bag of munchies and called out "CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW HOME!. After the wine and conversation, she helped me transport all the stuff from my closet. That was an immense blessing. I would have taken all day going in and out and up and down the steps to accomplish what we did in an hour. I am so fortunate to have such great friends.

So I am almost in, and it is starting to feel like home. More kitchen space, but less closet space. Nice big laundry room, but smaller storage shed. SO....have boxes sitting around waiting to figure out where to put what, and am already planning a big load to Goodwill. All those clothes and shoes that I lug from place to place just in case.....I have a wedding/funeral/cruise....I might lose 10# (or gain them!).....I haven't worn this yet.....this was expensive....... Need Clinton to come and throw most of it a garbage can for me!

My break is over and ice tea gone, so will go back to work. A nice bath would feel good tonight, but can't figure out how to get my electric water heater turned on, so no hot water until the office opens tomorrow. Guess will be another evening at the pool and jacuzzi.....thank goodness for them!

And to make it all look a little more friends and family up in the north country received yet more snow, gray and cold. They are spending this day shoveling and wondering if spring will ever arrive! I don't seem to get much sympathy from them when I ask if they know how I should turn on my air conditioning.....

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