Thursday, May 1, 2008


My daughter who was married in July, has been disheartened by two miscarriages during her brief marriage. But now she has called to tell me that they are expecting my second grandchild in December! Of course, they are thrilled (I think of the scene from "My Cousin Vinnie"..."My CLOCK IS TICKING!!!!!!"). They have been so focused on starting their family, and I am so happy for them that they will finish the year with their new baby. I worried about her putting so much stress on herself in one year....meeting Niels, moving to another state and new home, loss of job, dealing with lasting effects from head injury, engagement and trip to Europe, and a wedding and honeymoon to the Caribbean. Now any ONE of those things are a big stressor, but to have ALL of them within ONE YEAR......WHEW! I thought they should take the time to enjoy their new home and life together....but at 36, the ticking was getting much too loud for her!
So her life has taken some wonderful turns this year, and now she awaits her new family member. The next 20 years will no longer be hers......someone else will decide when she eats, sleeps, and how she will spend her money. I chuckle thinking about how I recently compared my moving to being in labor, and thinking "I will NEVER go throught THAT again". And now I hear the exciting news about the new grandchild.
I wish them much happiness and a healthy pregnancy and baby. Pregnancy has changed from the Baby Boomers to Generation X. Where we waited 3 months before going to the doctor for the first time, they have their test kits out the next day! Where we worked until the week of delivery and hid under billowing clothes, they plan Babymoon cruises and wear tight-fitting clothes with their belly hanging out. It will be an interesting journey.
God Speed, Baby DJ!!!!!!!

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