Monday, May 26, 2008


I moved into my new home a month ago today. It was a daunting task to pack everything up, haul it to the new home, and unpack and find places for everything and deciding to discard, donate or put other things away for a future garage sale. Now utilities have been switched, address changes made, some shopping and yard sales done, final boxes unpacked, pictures hung, storage shed organized, and I have enjoyed some peaceful days enjoying all the hard work.
I have added some gates to the back and side walls for security, a place for Wylee's early morning or late evening outings, and to keep unwanted critters out. This week I had my new screen/security door installed, and now can have the front door open all night for the evening breezes without worrying about any surprise visitors....and Wylee loves laying in front of it and watching the goings on across the street. The many cactus that were planted with the included landscaping have been blooming, and it is fun to see what kind of blossoms will appear.

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