Monday, December 15, 2008


All is quiet....Mom and baby are napping, Daddy has gone to work, house is picked up, dishes are done, and Gramma is ready for her nap, too! My little Danny Boy is such a sweetie....eats and sleeps well, and is beginning to check out his new world with his blue eyes. The house has changed from the Generation X Yuppie digs to one of baby swings, beds, diaper bags, feeding bottles and lots and lots of gift bags and presents for the new parents and baby. Jen's feedings are going better, but she is still tense, which causes muscles tightning and cramping, so she is working on learning to use relaxation techniques. It is that tough first week of getting adjusted to the new duties and body changes. I guess it has been going on for thousands of years to billions of women, but it only happens to your body the first time once! Niels has been terrific in his calm support and encouragement. Things will eventually settle down to a comfortable routine, but the first week is always the most challenging to brand new parents! Luckily, they have a very sweet, mellow little boy who eats and sleeps well, and makes things a little easier on them. And of course, Gramma adores him!!!!

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