Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas Day is here, but feels like it has been here a long time, as it started with getting all my gifts purchased and mailed about Thanksgiving time, before flying out to Ohio. While there, we celebrated an early Christmas with Jen, her new baby, her husband and her in-laws. Then I came home where my sisters were here visiting Mom, so another Christmas was held the night before Terri and John left. Ann was here for Christmas Eve, so we made a standing rib roast dinner to enjoy after attending the children's Mass...complete with little children re-enacting the nativity scene. And now Ann left early this morning, so Mom and I had our Christmas breakfast this morning (note the beautiful tulips on the table, sent by Jen, Niels and Baby Daniel!), and will finally end this long Christmas season with a dinner at the clubhouse. You will note that I am wearing a new Christmas boot....sprained some ligaments in my foot, so get to wear this lovely support for a few weeks. That will really cramp my riding...which I have been told to refrain from for 2 or weeks. That is to be seen. So now Mom has gone home, rain is falling on an unusual cool, dark and wet Christmas week, and the house is cozy with candles glowing and lights twinkling on the little broken ceramic tree and my corner tree. Wylee is sleeping at my feet, and John Wayne is doing his thing on the TV. Soon I will limp out to visit Bart, where I will give him some apples and carrots mixed with his feed and antibiotics that he is on after a "discussion" with the neighboring horse left him with some cuts and abrasions. Then home to fix a dish to bring to the clubhouse dinner, fill our bellies with too much food, and if we can stay awake, Mom and I will end the day seeing the well-reviewed movie "Marley and Me". I have enjoyed phone calls from family and friends today, and although I miss having little children around on this day, it has been a peaceful Christmas, and one in which I am grateful for the rich gifts of friendships and family I have enjoyed. In another week, the year will be over. It has been a traumatic one for our country and I am looking forward to CHANGE. MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!

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