Saturday, February 21, 2009


Another Gold Rush Days has passed in this "Top Ten Western Town". It was a fun weekend of parade, rodeo, carnivals, craft tents, and everyone wearing their favorite western gear. The weather cooperated with warm, sunny skies and the town was packed with visitors. The town got a shot in the arm economically, although it seemed like the people going through the art and craft tents seemed to be doing more looking than buying this year. In this uncertain time, it is great to be able to enjoy a community celebration and forget the problems for awhile. This is the 61st year of this event, so it has weathered many rough times, and hopefully will for many years to come. Sometimes progress can conflict with a western lifestyle, and Wickenburg has seen the end of wooden sidewalks and many of the horse trails have been blocked by housing and eroded by quads. But this is a community that is proud of it's western heritage, and strives to keep a western feel to the town in architecture and events. A new plan is in place to preserve the horse trails and just completed a new trail head. The Gold Rush Days brought back the days of old....and hopefully, a promise of a western town to stay.

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