Friday, February 6, 2009


OK...I know the Cardinals lost the Super Bowl. But ya gotta admit, it was a great game and could easily have gone the other way. No one thinks the Cardnials have anything to apologize for for their first time in a Super Bowl. We are proud of our red birds!

And now it is the month of February....always a cold, snowy dark month in Minnesota. I used to always say "but it is a short month, and March can bring warmer, sunnier weather". But here in Arizona, it is spring already! The flowering trees next to the clinic are in bloom, and the days are getting longer. The weather has been in the sunny 70's and the days are getting longer, allowing a ride after work. And speaking of that, Wylee and I are off to join Bart in a ride right will be light until 6, and we can enjoy a gorgeous desert sunset as we ride. What a way to end another week!

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