Sunday, March 15, 2009

HAPPY 40th CHRIS!!!!!

My daughter emailed me that she thought I would have something in my blog about my son's 40th birthday. I have to admit it is startling to realize I have a son the age that I feel! I remember the surprise party I was given for my own 40th, and felt I had really gotten old. Oh, to be that age again! Now I am 22 years older than that, and I feel like I should still be in my 40's...although that face staring back at me in the mirror reminds me that the years have piled up since that surprise party. It also brings to mind the saying "Too soon old, too late smart". Ah, to be able to know what I know now and have some of those years back!
Suzie Orman spoke on TV this morning about the economy, and encouraged people to forget about what was, and to concentrate on what you have now and go forward. I think that is good advice for anyone reaching the senior years and questioning the value of their lives. We can't fret over bodies that have lost flexibility and youthfulness. We can't obsess about the wrinkles and chronic aches and pains. We can't beat ourselves up on mistakes made over 60 years of living and learning. We can only take what we still do have, and make the most of each day. There are still memories to be made, places to explore, new friends to meet, and new things to learn.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my first born boy. The first act may be over, but there is a lot of play left to enjoy. CELEBRATE LIFE!!!!!

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