Sunday, March 1, 2009


It is sometimes difficult to believe all the national news showing snow blizzards in Kansas, tornados in Georgia, and freezing cold weather and 8" off snow in Minnesota when I can walk around the park and see all the bright flowers beginning to bloom. Phoenix may break a record to day with 90 degrees, and I actually walked in the house a few minutes ago after taking these pictures and thinking "Ah, it feels nice and cool in here!". My sister, Mary, is on her way here from Wisconsin and says she HAS to get out of there after yet another blizzard filled their driveway with snow. I am so grateful to be living in the warm, dry climate of Arizona. But I am well aware that in a few months it will be getting very hot here, while up north they will be enjoying a northern summer playing golf, fishing , swimming, picnicing....and swatting mosquitos and dealing with humidity. And here, people will be golfing and riding at dawn with an eye out for an occasional snake....then hunkering inside during the heat of the day. I guess there is no Utopia, but springtime in Arizona may be as close as it comes!

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