Monday, May 11, 2009


Growing up, Mother's Day was one where my sisters would make home-made cards for Mom, and we would make her breakfast to bring up to her in bed. At night, we would turn down her bed and lay out a new nightgown. Dad usually bought a corsage for her to wear to church when we marched in....5 girls wearing hats, gloves, and carrying St. Joseph missals.

I think Mom misses those chaotic Mother's Day mornings. Yesterday I drove her and a friend to church, then we all went to the church hall for rolls, coffee and conversation. I offered to take her to one of the many brunches being offered around town, but she preferred to have a meal at home. I grilled some chicken, and she make a salad and we had blueberry pie for dessert. We let the food settle as we watched a movie on the Hallmark channel, then off to the pool to cool down and work off that good pie.

Mom seemed a bit down in the morning, with missing sharing the day with Dad and her girls, but she had lots of calls and flowers to brighten the day. All her girls called, Chris and Kelly also rang and she talked to CJ and invited him to come join her in the pool (" I can't now, Gramma Ann....we are going for lunch for Mommy's Day").

So it was a day of reminicing about Mother's Day's past, and new beginnings as Jen celebrates her first special day, and Kaila's awaits the birth of her first baby, Mom's 12th great-grandchild, which is due any minute!

So here is to the generations and the circle of life. Happy Mother's Day all!

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