Thursday, August 13, 2009


After a week of recuperating at my house, Mom felt ready to return to her own home on Tuesday. I think it must feel good to be back with her "tings about her", but I think she did enjoy the company....and as she put it "The meals were good and the price was right!" She is doing better every day, but still gets tired easily, and the doctor told her not to push it. She almost was talked into having some gals over to play bridge today, but I could see she was tired, and was glad when it was cancelled. It might be another week or so before she will be back at the clubhouse playing her card games. The next hurdle will be when she sees the lung specialist next Thursday to have another chest x-ray and some blood work checked. Hopefully, they will be good, and she will just need to take it easy and let herself heal. That will be the hard part for her...she is so used to being so active, and boredom can set in pretty easily. Going to have to keep taking her to the pool, for a car ride, etc, to get her out. Just hope I don't come down with it....but it isn't contagious, thank goodness!

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