Sunday, August 9, 2009


There were some scary times last week when Mom was so sick in the hospital, and relief when she was discharged Wednesday. She agreed to stay at my house the first night....and 4 days later is getting stronger each day, eating better, steadier on her feet, and today was the big break though. She said she wanted to get in "her" pool (which she really shares with the other members of this community!). She was worried that she might get one of her dizzy spells, but was so happy when she was in that nice warm water. She skipped doing her aeronautics and used a floater, but she was IN DA POOL again! She said it felt like "all the shackles of the illness of the past two weeks just washed away", and she felt so good when she got home. She had dinner, and put on her jammies, and will sleep well tonight, I'm guessing!

Once she started on the medication specific for Valley Fever, she started to show improvement, and continues to get stronger, mentally clearer, and more awake each day. She isn't in any hurry to go back to her own home, yet.....but when I see her shuffling a deck of cards.....I'll know she's ready!

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