Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bart and CJ

Horses are incredible animals. My palomino gelding, Bart, will carry me up the steepest hill, across a flowing river, over a rattling bridge, past flopping tents, or chase a steer and cut it off with great agility. He will carry me long hours through prairies, forests, up a mountain side and through the deserts on trail rides and never seem to tire.

But this same strong, athletic animal can be so gentle and docile when with a child. Today I took my 3 year old grandson out for a visit to Bart. We walked way back to the back pasture where he was grazing with his friends. When he heard us call and approach, he raised his head, then walked over to join us. He lowered his head to have the halter slipped on, then patiently followed us with me holding the halter and my grandson holding the lead rope.

As we approached the barn, CJ insisted on leading Bart by himself....and did as this beautiful palomino quietly followed behind. I was anxious, worrying about if he should startle, other horses gallop up, etc, but Bart was very careful around this boy he had known since CJ first visited as an infant.

Horses have that wonderful insight about children. This horse can be so strong and aggressive on the trail or working cows, yet was as gentle as an angel around this young boy. I have often thought this special horse was an angel put in my life, and today was a guardian angel to a little cowboy who loves him.


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of CJ and Bart! You should send that in to a horse magazine, or Country Living, or SOMETHING! It just makes me melt looking at it!
And I challenge your spelling of "prairies." hehehe

Anonymous said...

love that picture! Your "a one shoed thought" spot was great too. I miss you already. When do we go to Blackduck for that stoopid card game before you leave?