Monday, December 21, 2009


There comes a time when one looks around at STUFF and decides it is time to clear it out. Mom and I have talked of a garage sale for 6 months since she wanted to sell a table and chair set that was taking up room in her storage shed. We had to wait until summer was over and it would cool down and bring the snowbirds. We had to wait until after Jen, Niels and Daniel's visit and Thanksgiving, then had to wait two weeks for me to get over the flu/cold/crud. Then we had to wait a week while having fun with Lori and Nick's visit. Then there was no more waiting. It had to be last weekend or wait until next year....this weekend is Christmas, the next is New Years, then my birthday and visit with HAD TO DO IT!!!! It took a couple of days to drag stuff out and to Mom's and set up tables and clothes racks. Then, since I was an hour late in getting the ad in the newspaper, I had to make flyers and put them all over town. Then the road signs made up of purchased bright paper and placed statically. A stop at the bank to get change, and we were ready. Westparkers started poking in as we set up, and we were happy to let them buy to make more room for more STUFF! The sale ran 3 days, and each day we brought out more STUFF from the house and sheds to replace that which had left. And during the sale Mom sat busily making her scrubbies and selling them as fast as she would finish one. Finally 3pm arrived on Saturday and we were DONE! As we packed the remaining items for a trip to Goodwill, a fellow who looked young, married and down on his luck stopped in. We gave him some clothing, toys and a lamp and he was tickled pink as he packed up his battered car. Then driving around to pick up the signs and flyers, and sweep up the carport. DONE!!!!!! So it was a week of setting up, selling, and cleaning up. Today I delivered the boxes to Habitat, and put away the STUFF that I returned home. DONE!!!!!! Figuring a week of 10 hour days....I think it came down to about forty cents and hour and a tax deduction. BUT.....a lot of STUFF is gone from my shed, closets and cupboards, and Mom sold her table and chair set and about 100 scrubbies. And she is talking about "when we have our next sale.....". ARRRRGGHHHHHHH!!!!

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