Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Some say always get the bad news out of the way first, and that would be that my trail riding buddy, Bets, is taking Tango back to her previous owner today. The four year old mare just had too much energy for the 80+ Bets. And sadder yet, she may decide not to replace her. I have enjoyed sharing the trails with Bets, and her sharp mind would tell me the stories of the areas we road, and point out the wildlife, cactus and birds. She knew the trails so well, and introduced me to the Las Damas rides. The time comes when every cowgirl has to hang up her spurs, and it made me think about how much longer Bart and I will share the trails

Now on a happier note....I received the fantastic news that the wonderful Carole Ampe has completed her chemo and received a clean bill of health! After John's broken leg and her cancer scare, they sold their living quarter trailer and their horse, JP. They figured their riding and camping days were past, and bought a boat to spend time with family. Carole was so good to help John the past few years since his leg injury, and he has been a rock for her during her chemo. They are an inspiration as a couple. They still have their mare, Oneder, so maybe their trail riding days aren't over, yet!

And another happy sister Lori from Minnesota, and her son, Nick, who is stationed in Washington DC in the Marines, are visiting this week. Nick has been surprised by all the handshakes he has received when people learn of his service, and the round of applause he received when he was introduced at the Westpark luncheon. Times have changed. Unfortunately, the warm Arizona sunshine they anticipated has given way to unusual cool 50's and even a rainy day. That hasn't stopped them from enjoying the hot tub, however.

And a second grandson, Daniel Joel, is celebrating his first birthday today. We had an early birthday party for him when they were here two weeks ago, but I am thinking of him today, and what joy he has brought into his parent's life......and mine!

And then there was the Viking-Cardinals game. After 50 years of defending the Vikings efforts, I can't quite switch my allegiance to the Cardinals. We had a ball going to the Cardinal's stadium before the game and checking out all the tailgaters. Most of the crowd seemed to be wearing purple! And then that game......where WERE the Vikes??????

And I am finally almost over the crud...although Mom is now coming down with a stuffy nose. Life consists of the ups and downs. We celebrate the joys and endure the bad with the support of friends and family. And I have some of the best of both!

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stoopid Cardinals!