Sunday, December 27, 2009


Was a long Christmas season this year. It started a week before Thanksgiving with Jen, Niels and Daniels visit, and our early celebrations of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Daniel's first birthday. Then we celebrated early again with Lori and Nick's visit. The weather prevented Ann and Mick coming for the actual date, but it was a festive time, anyway with Christmas Eve spent with my cousin Linda, her husband and daughter with a dinner and intense game of Michigan Rummy (kind of like Tripoli). Christmas morning we attended Mass, then had a holiday brunch at Cindy's with her husband and mother. The mimosas and Baileys led to a nap in the afternoon after bringing Bart his carrots and apples. Then the Westpark dinner was at 5, and was fun filling the table with Mom, me, Linda, Larry and their daughter. And yesterday I received a box from Chris, Kelly and CJ with gifts CJ bought with his own money at the dollar store...which made them that much more precious.

My last gift came from Bart. I was invited to join Bets on her new mare, Lena, and a friend, Kathy, with her 4 year old warmblood mare. As I saddled, I reminded Bart that he was the senior member of the ride now, so I expeccted him to set a good example. And for my Christmas present from him, I just wanted a nice ride with no bucking, spooking or bolting. It was a chilly 50 degrees as we left the ranch, but the sun was warm and the sky was clear, so our jackets were soon opened and gloves pulled off. We rode up the trails to Turtle Mountain. It has been a couple of months since I have ridden them, due to Sweet Peas passing and Bets searching for a new horse, the rainy weather, my bout with the flu, company, Christmas, and all the distractions. Bart came through with his present, and we had a wonderful ride with three well-behaved horses and lots of laughs along the way as we observed the gorgeous views once again.

Now to try to get the house organized and picked up again, and maybe go out for a ride again this afternoon. The weather remains about 10 degrees below normal, but 50's and sunny sure beats the freezing temperatures and snow up north! Then to Laughlin on Friday to meet Pam for a few days. We always share lots of laughter and conversation....a great way to start a new year.

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