Friday, November 21, 2008


Many years ago I went to nursing school after graduating from high school. I worked as an RN in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, while working towards a degree in Health Education. Obtaining that degree led to 30 years of teaching in public schools. And over a 15 year period, I sold real estate on my weekends, summers and evenings. And then.....RETIREMENT! Now, after two years of enjoying a new home in a new state, I have started a part-time job to supplement my dwindling investments and to support my horse habit. And....I am back working in a medical clinic! I work with a great group of people and have my weekends, holidays and evenings off. The salary is a far cry from my last year's of teaching, but I have the flexibiltiy to still enjoy getting away occasionally.....such as 10 days next month to meet my new grandson who is due December 9! So here I am....40 years later and back in scrubs. The circle of life.......

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