Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lucky Day!

I received yet another one of those emails to send around and receive good luck in 4 days. I usually don't sent them on, worrying about viruses. But this one had a great message, so I chose my 11 people and waited for my lottery ticket to hit. It didn't. But I did have a special day yesterday. I went to the local western store's 20th Anniversary event. I walked around picking up samples, talking with reps, and signing up for drawings. I bought a new round leather collar for Wylee ( along with the vet telling me that he needs to lose weight, his puppy collar has gotten to the last hole) and received a free squeeky furry raccoon for Wylee to disembowel. I found a hat a really liked....and when I asked if it was on sale, was told it wasn't, but was offered a 20% I bought it, and had two nice compliments before I even got out of the store. I enjoyed their BBQ, but was able to stick with my Detox Plan by making a lettuce wrap of the burger! Then left to head for the ranch, where a girlfriend met me with her trailer and we hauled out of town for a ride. It was a beautiful locations with lots of high hills, huge saquaros, and a rock-walled canyon. Both of us were riding beautiful palominos who were exceptional on the often steep and rocky trails. The above picture is on the ride wearing that new hat! My cell phone rang....and I won a drawing at the western store...a great Ariat fleece vest! So guess I did have a lucky day... a new hat on sale, a free fleece vest and toy for Wylee, and a "legal" lunch, and a fantastic trail ride. And to top it all off....the Detox plan is working.....the scale rewarded me with a 10# weight loss. Yup, it was a lucky day. Have another one of those email to send to my 10 best friends???

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