Monday, November 3, 2008


Had a Halloween party at the clubhouse for Halloween. Fun seeing the senior set in their fun costumes. Above you see the man who works as a butcher at Safeway with his new wife!!! Mom and I are on the left....she copied her winning witch costume from last year, and I had planned to go as a witch, too...but then found a gaudy dress at the thrift shop...added lots of glittery jewelry, makeup, and a blond wig, made a poster....and became a political activist. Unfortunately, neither of us won a costume prize, but we enjoyed the free pizza and beer, Halloween treats, and both won door prize drawings! It was all done by 8, so I moved on to a nearby bar that was having a costume party and Kareoke. The costumes there were wild...the singing fair to good, and the PBR was on the TV, so enjoyed a few hours....and was home by 10! Don't know if the spooks and goblins were out....but the coyotes were howling loudly as I headed for bed. And THAT was this Halloween in Arizona!

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