Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last year I took advantage of a great sale and some perks and traded in my 25 year old home for a new one in this 55+ park. I figured the old home would be needing a new roof soon, and with 25 year old air conditioner, furnace, and stove, and a sagging porch, I would be needing to spend some money that I didn't have for constant repairs. So, took advantage of a good deal and moved into my nice new home and felt I would be problem-free for many years to come. WRONG!
Within the first year of ownership, the heat pump (and AC!) went out twice, the hot water heater needed a new element, the new washer needed a part to allow hot water to enter, the ice maker in the refrigerator needed replacing , and the dishwasher needed repair. The hinge on the cabinet under the sink broke in half! I called for a replacement hinge, and was sent ones that didn't match. Then the first year warranties were done. Last month the above-the-stove-microwave went and repairs were $250 but a new microwave of that style was $500, so had to go for the repairs. No warranty. Then two weeks ago the slides holding the produce drawer in the refrigerator shattered.....both sides broke with little pieces of plastic falling to the bottom of the refrigerator.
Now I will share that I do not have teenagers or other children abusing my appliances, nor do I have a burly husband in it many times a day to browse! I have had both new and used homes over the past 40 years, and have seldom EVER needed repairs done on my appliances.....and now all this in the first 16 months!!!!!
I called GE to tell them how disappointed I was in the quality of their appliances. The reply was "That is too bad" and was offered to buy extended warranties on all the appliances for about $1000 a year! She said maybe I wouldn't have any more problems. I said if she was confident with that, would she offer to extend my first year warranty for another year. Nope.
I called the maker of my home, and got a prompt call from their customer service. She promised the next time their repair people were out this way they would see if they could bring me a matching cabinet hinge.....if they still had any of that style. I'm guessing they won't....again.
So now I am holding my breath for the next thing to go wrong....guess the only thing left is the dryer. So if you see me out hanging clothes in my carport.........
My mother had a 1945 Leonard refrigerator. As her family grew, the little frig became too small....and she replaced it with several newer ones in the next 50 years. And the last I heard, that little Leonard is still keeping someones beer cold in a lake cabin in northern Minnesota. certainly doesn't mean better! And I can hear my sister in Cameron, WI cheering that statement. She has Blue Pony Antiques and over the summer her newer refrigerator went out. Yup, she went out to the store and brought in a little 50 year old refrigerator and plugged it in.....and was able to keep her food cool until her husband brought home a large new refrigerator. Yup, that one has already gone out. She offered to sell me her antique refrigerator, but I have the feeling that she will be needing it again!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's a funny little blog, and very SAD, too! Nope, things aren't made to last anymore. Maybe I'd better dig those extended warrenty offers on our new appliances out of the garbage and send them in!! SHEESH!