Friday, September 18, 2009


If you grew up in the 60's , as I did, you were challenged and motivated by John Kennedy to make a better America, and then devastated by his untimely death. You cheered for the Equal Rights passage, and you prayed and worked for an end to the Vietnam War. And throughout, you listened to the moving music of Peter, Paul and Mary. When I heard of the passing of Mary Travers yesterday from cancer, and watched a recording of "Blown in Wind", it brought back so many feelings and memories of those impressionable days. I'll always remember her as the willowy blond with the long, flowing hair and passionate voice.
My daughter is saddened this week after learning of the death of a friend's young husband who was killed fighting in the Afghanistan war. Their sons were born just days apart. It grieves her to think that this little boy will soon be taking his first steps, and will do it without the guiding hand and encouragement of his loving father. This is a story that is repeating itself throughout the country and world as wars continue to be how conflicts are resolved. It is just so, so sad. And as I read of her grief, the sweet and impassioned song of Mary Travers drifts through my mind and memories. "When will it ever end....."

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