Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When living in the north country, the coming of September meant the end of summer, the knowledge that the long months of dark and cold were on the way, and the return to my duties as a teacher. It was a bittersweet time. Now that I am retired and living in the Southwest, the change of seasons is welcomed!

I didn't plan to spend the summer in Arizona, but it worked out that way after returning from the family reunions with Mom's bout with Valley Fever. I love all the sunny days, but was getting tired of the hot afternoons. During these months, Arizonans often take a break from the heat by heading north to the higher elevations and cool temperatures.

Yesterday Cindy and I hauled our horses up to Skull Valley where she takes lessons and has her horse trained in reining. While there, one of the trainers rode Bart. I always like to watch a good rider on my horse....I get to see how he moves under saddle and how he responds to a different rider. Here are some pix on Monte, a quiet rider who did very well with Bart. I often wish Bart could have an owner who rode that well, and would let him do all he has the potential to do.

When Monte finished, I rode around in their beautiful arena and lounged around under their big shade trees. It is a beautiful facility, and was a fun day with horses and horse loving people.

And now the cooler temps are coming to the valley....the snowbirds will be returning....and this will be the Land of the Sunshine that visitors love to come to escape the winter cold and dark of the north. Welcome Autumn!!!

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